Top 5 Event Sponsorship Articles This Year (Plus a Podcast)

Sponsorship sales is one of the most important aspects of event management. But with everything else on your plate, it can be difficult to keep up with trends and best practices. You can find some great advice about sponsorship trends, strategies and tactics in the following recent articles. Take a look and tell us what you think.

1. “Event Sponsorship Guide (2018 Edition): Quick Tips To Get More Sponsors” via Event Manager Blog

Event sponsorship sales are critical to the success of your events. This article covers everything you need to know – from strategies to tactics – to elevate your sales game and generate more revenue to offset costs.

Julius Solaris, Editor at Event Manager Blog, says,

If you want to know the key of how to get sponsorship money, the paradigm shift here is to swing your event positioning from push to pull.

Read more here.

2. “2018 Sponsorship Trends” via Elevent

This article discusses the growing interest in Purpose Sponsorship, as well as the importance employing an experienced sponsorship expert who can think across multiple platforms. Covers everything from ROI measurement to changes in technology that affect how we plan and execute sponsorships.

Francis Dumais, CMO at Elevent, says,

Success is measured solely by the reach and number of interactions.

Read more here.

3. A Quick Guide to Upgrading Your Event Sponsorship Sales via TSNN.

Consumers prefer experiences over brands these days. This article explores this new trend and highlights the importance of digital technology in creating sponsored experiences that stand out.

Lisa Van Rosendale, Senior VP at FreemanXP, says,

More than ever, it’s crucial for show organizers to challenge traditional sponsorship programs and take those extra (nuanced and digital) steps to understand and offer features that make sponsorship stand out.

Read more here.

4. “Learn How Sponsorship Is a Key to Powerful Marketing” via The Balance Small Business

If you need a refresher on the general ins and outs of sponsorship and how it can approve sales and assist marketing efforts, this is the article for you. It starts with the high level question of what sponsorship is, and ends with how sponsorship can solidify key business relationships.

Susan Friedman, Facilitator at Law of Attraction, says,

Driving sales goes hand-in-hand with brand awareness. Sponsorship that’s geared to driving sales can be an extremely potent promotional tool.

Read more here.

5. “The 2017 Guide to Event Sponsorship” via Eventbrite

This downloadable guide includes industry stats and good tips for selling event sponsorships. If you’re looking for new ways to sell sponsorships in meaningful ways, want to determine the correct value of your assets, and are ready to learn best practices from experts, this is the guide for you.

Read it here.

BONUS: “Episode 126: Transforming Your Sponsors into Thought Leaders” via JP Moery’s Association Playbook Podcast

Your sponsors are often also consultants and experts in their respective fields. Don’t let that expertise go to waste with traditional transactional sponsorships. Instead of plastering their logo over everything, invite sponsors to share their knowledge with attendees in meaningful ways. Their ROI will skyrocket and so will yours.

JP Moery, President of the Moery Company, says,

To be successful in developing thought leadership, it becomes necessary for association sponsors and vendors to be thought of as something other than just a non-dues revenue stream but actually experts in their domain that help members solve problems.

Listen to the full podcast here.


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