The Importance of Accessibility for People with Disabilities

At Event Transportation Systems we believe that all persons, regardless of disabilities, should be able to attend meetings and conferences, and that they are not prevented or discouraged from attending due to accessibility issues.

That’s why we provide ground transportation services that can take into consideration the different needs and requirements some people have, whether they are visual, hearing and mobility related, among others.

It’s important to be pro-active during the planning process

1. When planning an event with our clients, ETS asks if the client anticipates that registered attendees will require accessible transportation. Then we try to ascertain the number of people so we can be prepared.

2. We learn at which hotels these attendees will be staying and make advance arrangements for the appropriate type and sized vehicles needed to transport these attendees to and from their hotels, and between other venues as needed.

3. We gather than names of these attendees in advance, contact these individuals, and provide them with a telephone number they can use to call ETS in advance to request accessible transportation. Typically, persons with disabilities are asked to provide at least a 30-minute notice when requesting transportation.

ETS provides courteous service

It is ETS’ policy to communicate with persons with disabilities no differently than any others. This is especially important for those individuals with hidden disabilities. We focus on the person, not the disability, and always ask if they need assistance before providing it.

According to U.S. Census statistics, approximately one in five people, or roughly 20% of the population had a disability of some type in 2010, so accessibility in transportation is something we take very seriously.

Before you plan your next meeting or conference, contact Event Transportation Systems. We’ll guide you through the entire process of planning perfect ground transportation, airport shuttles and VIP and executive transportation for your attendees.


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