The Impact of COVID-19 on Event Transportation
himss convention shuttles

The American Bus Association Foundation just released a report that showcases the effect COVID-19 is having on the U.S. motorcoach industry. This industry, a critical part of successful meetings and events, has been decimated by the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Congress gave out $100 billion for other transportation sectors in part three of the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package, the motorcoach industry was left out. According to the report, “some of the worst losses have been seen in the charter business, which depends on tours, meetings and conferences, where bookings are almost non-existent even though this is usually the busiest time of year.”

The report also states that most charter companies have closed their doors. If charter operations are ultimately shuttered, not only will thousands of jobs be lost, this will also present serious vehicle supply challenges for future conventions and meetings.

The American Bus Association ((ABA) is requesting from Congress $15 billion in loans and grants to ensure an essential sector in America’s transportation stays afloat during this pandemic. Please read about what you can do to support the motorcoach industry’s efforts to get a lifeline from Congress.


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