ETS-Next-Shuttle App for Attendees

Technology Innovation: ETS-Next-Shuttle and ETS-Shuttle-Tracker

Always striving to improve the customer experience for both meeting planners and meeting attendees. ETS uses proprietary GPS-enabled shuttle management technology, adding yet another layer of vehicle monitoring tools.


ETS-Next-Shuttle Transportation App – for attendees

man looking at ETS app

The ETS-Next-Shuttle transportation app provides attendees with:

  • Map-based views of vehicle locations, shuttle stops, and shuttle routes
  • Full shuttle schedule for the entire event
  • Real-time information with the next shuttle arrival time at their hotel
  • Instant alerts about schedule changes or traffic disruptions
  • Supplemental shuttle information to replace traditional paper schedules

The app also includes integrated advertising that can be used for revenue generation.


ETS-Shuttle-Tracker – for operations management

ETS also uses this GPS technology behind the scenes as an operations management tool.

Using GPS smart devices mounted in vehicles for shuttle tracking and an admin interface for shuttle system managers, the ETS operations team uses ETS-Shuttle-Tracker to:

  • Monitor vehicle locations at all times
  • Create routes on maps that can be adjusted in real time
  • Improve safety and efficiency through real-time tracking

Note that smart devices are portable and easy to use with any vehicle type.

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