Uber/Lyft vs. Shuttles

New Study Makes the Case for Sustainable Conference Transportation

sustainable event transportation

What’s the more sustainable form of event transportation, ride-sharing or shuttle buses? If you guessed shuttles, you’d be right. According to data collected from the EPA and US Department of Energy:

  • Shuttles result in less CO2 emissions per passenger-mile than Ride-Sharing
  • For point-to-point conference transportation, Shuttles are the most environmentally friendly
  • Ride-Sharing causes unnecessary traffic around convention centers

Are Shuttles More Eco-Friendly than Ride-Sharing?

Conference Transportation by the Numbers

“The data is clear,” says Carson Hotard, Enterprise Development Manager at ETS. “Planners who are concerned about sustainability should shy away from suggesting ride-sharing as a transportation option for attendees. Encouraging attendees to use traditional transportation methods ensures that we keep our conferences sustainable.”

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