Case Study

Major Healthcare Conference Shares How They Manage Transportation for 45,000+ Attendees

Case study

We asked Senior Exhibits Manager, Virginia Geoghegan, and Senior Meeting Services Manager, Beth Faubel, what it takes to implement a successful transportation program at HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition. Together, Geoghegan and Faubel work with ETS to provide services for:

  • 45,000+ Attendees
  • 17 Shuttle Routes
  • Full Shuttle Graphics + Video on Buses
  • 100+ Buses On Peak

What Does a Successful Transportation Program at a Major City-Wide Event Actually Look Like?

HIMSS Delivers the Trifecta of a Successful Transportation Program

HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition’s transportation program takes into consideration everything from attendee needs to sponsor ROI. They even cover their own brand marketing needs using their shuttle routes. Geoghegan and Faubel break down their transportation program into three areas of focus:

  1. Sponsorship opportunities exhibitors love
  2. A well-prepared plan of action
  3. Unforgettable brand experiences

These three areas of focus come together to make a transportation program that covers every area of need. They are able to deliver value to sponsors, get attendees from point A to point B efficiently, and uplift their conference’s own branding goals along the way.

Case Study Graphic

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