New Study Makes the Case for Sustainable Conference Transportation

Event Transportation Systems Asks: Are Shuttles More Eco-Friendly than Ride-Sharing?

Cars are more eco-friendly than shuttle buses, right? Not when it comes to conference transportation according to a new study from Event Transportation Systems (ETS).

The study analyzes reports from the EPA and US Department of Energy on CO2 emissions and average fuel mileage for two main vehicle types: Shuttle Buses and Cars (Ride-Sharing). According to this data, there are three main conclusions:

  1. Shuttles are the most eco-friendly option for point-to-point transportation vs. Ride-Share.
  2. Ride-Sharing results in more CO2 emissions than Shuttles for conference transportation.
  3. Aside from CO2 emissions, ride-sharing also contributes to more traffic congestion for conference attendees than shuttle buses.

“The data is clear,” says Carson Hotard, Enterprise Development Manager at ETS. “Planners who are concerned about sustainability should shy away from suggesting ride-sharing as a transportation option for attendees. Encouraging attendees to use traditional transportation methods ensures that we keep our conferences sustainable.”

Eric Hotard, CEO and Founder of ETS, recently spoke to this on the Eventicons Podcast (34:00 min. mark): “Using motor coaches is the most efficient way to go [green]. Most of the vehicles average around 8-10 miles to the gallon, so when you’re moving 50-55 people, you’re taking 10-15 cars off the street for every bus.”

Beth Faubel, Senior Meeting Services Manager for HIMSS, says one of the biggest challenges at her conference this year was the unexpected amount of rideshare drivers in the area.

“The impact of Uber & Lyft has been tremendous,” says Faubel. “Positively, it’s allowing people to get in and out of the convention center in their own time. On the flipside all the Ubers & Lyfts this year impacted traffic around the convention center.”

“As technology improves,” concludes Carson Hotard, “shuttles will be at the forefront of environmentally conscious conference transportation.”

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