Five Ideas for Convention Transportation Sponsorships

Let’s face it, industry Associations are always under pressure to generate advertising and sponsorship revenue from their exhibiting organizations at their annual meetings, while also providing opportunities that are of value and drive ROI to those organizations.

Transportation-related advertising and sponsorship opportunities at large meetings and conventions are very valuable because of the amount of exposure they provide to exhibitors, and the amount of revenue they can generate for Associations. The following are some ideas that we think are excellent opportunities to add to the convention and trade show sponsorship mix.

1. Shuttle bus graphic advertising – The value of shuttle bus advertising should not be underestimated. With buses constantly on the move as they take people between hotels and convention centers, the exposure to both riders and non-riders is tremendous. Plus, a variety of graphic sizes can be offered to exhibitors that have budgets of varying sizes. From interior seat head rest covers to large exterior graphics, this opportunity is always a winner for exhibitors who are introducing new products and services and want to drive traffic to their exhibits floor booth. Sponsorships can be sold per bus, per route, and/or as part of a larger sponsorship package.

2. Shuttle bus video advertising – Riders on buses are a captive audience, and what better way to reach them than with video programming. There are many approaches to offering this channel as an advertising opportunity to exhibitors. Shuttle bus video systems can be used to air sponsored convention television programs OR sponsored slide shows that communicate both an Association’s messaging AND an advertiser’s message. Programs and ads play in a loop so that attendees are exposed to messaging as they ride to and from the convention center. Newsday Communications can assist with production of video and slide show content, advertising sales, distribution of programs on shuttle buses, and tracking of exposures.

3. Airport Shuttle Sponsorship – Many large conventions will provide scheduled trips on a coach bus to and from the airport. This airport shuttle sponsorship opportunity can provide excellent exposure. Graphics can be included on the exterior of the bus to promote the sponsor, and promotional items can be placed on the bus seats for attendees. Your shuttle transportation management company can arrange for this service.

4. Exhibits Floor Golf Cart Sponsorship – While conventions are a great way for attendees to get their steps in, many appreciate some extra help getting around, especially for meetings that are several days long and have very large exhibit hall space. Branded golf carts can be another great way for exhibitors to get exposure, as attendees make their way through the exhibits to learn about new products and services.

5. Transportation Schedule Sponsorship – Transportation schedule signs are typically displayed outside the convention center and at all contracted convention hotels. And, transportation management companies typically create a transportation brochure that they distribute to attendees. Space on these signs and in brochures can be offered to exhibitors as a stand-alone advertising option or as part of a larger sponsorship package. This tactic is especially effective for building brand awareness.

Event Transportation Systems (ETS) manages transportation for large meetings and conventions in all major cities across the US and in Canada. Newsday Communications, a division of ETS, offers transportation sponsorship options and sales support.


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