Event Transportation Systems Partners with Carbonfund.org to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Event Transportation Systems (ETS) is pleased to partner with Carbonfund.org.  We chose this commitment because we are well aware of the damage carbon dioxide emissions cause to our atmosphere, and we are dedicated to becoming part of the cure, not the cause.

History of Climate Change

Since the Industrial Revolution of the mid-19th century, the world has increased carbon dioxide emissions through the burning of fossil fuels—coal, oil and gas—and to a lesser degree, emissions from methane and industrial gases.

These emissions are having a dramatic impact on our current climate: warming our climate and altering our weather patterns with droughts and extreme weather events.

By the mid-21st century, it is imperative that we reduce our emissions by between 50% and 85% globally. And with just a 2% reduction per year, we can make that happen. Carbonfund.org helps spread the message of how we can reduce what we can, and offset what we can’t.

ETS is Doing Our Part for the Environment

At ETS, we’ve chosen to work with transportation partners in each city to offer only the newest, most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles available. And our own fleet consists of eco-friendly vehicles.

We also make our clients aware that they too can help offset the amount of diesel fuel burned for their shuttles and ground transportation by providing them with specific information about their usage.

How We All Can Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

There are simple and easy ways we all can make a difference. They include:
– Saving 30% in our miles per gallon difference by:
• accelerating slowly and smoothly
• driving the speed limit
• maintaining a steady speed
• anticipating stops and starts
– Keeping vehicles running efficiently
– Replacing air, oil and fuel filters regularly
– Keeping tires properly inflated
– Choosing fuel-efficient vehicles

We hope our commitment inspires others to take the challenge to help our environment.


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