ETS Partners/CVBs

Working with Convention and Visitors Bureaus is a great way Event Transportation Systems provides excellent transportation services to populations in various cities around the United States.

Because of our reputation for fine service, we are now partnered with multiple CVBs. This means they recommend and use our transportation services for meetings and events.

Event Transportation Systems is partners with these Convention and Visitors Bureaus:
• Atlanta
• Visit Baltimore
• Boston
• San Francisco Travel
• Choose Chicago
• Visit Orlando
• Destination DC
• New Orleans
• Philadelphia

When a meeting/event planner creates an event in a city they’re not familiar with (or even in a city where they’ve been before), they often utilize the services of a CVB for recommendations on housing options, convention and meeting spaces, food and beverage providers, and transportation services.

The CVB’s opinions of area resources are highly respected, and this makes the meeting planner’s job much easier than having to locate and vet an unknown company.

The fact that these notable CVBs trust Event Transportation Systems is also a testimonial to our services. We strive to create a seamless experience for our clients, who need reliable, customized ground transportation services, no matter where they are in the U.S.

What is a Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) ?
Generally a CVB is an organization designed to:
• Encourage groups to hold meetings, conventions, events, and trade shows in their city or area,
• Assist groups with meeting/event preparations and during events,
• Encourage and educate tourists in area historic, cultural and recreational opportunities,
• Represent a specific destination and long-term development through a travel and tourism strategy,
• Serve as a community’s marketing agency,
• Serve as an unbiased resource and point of contact for convention and meeting planners, tour operators, and visitors.


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