ETS-Shuttle-Tracker Adds Yet Another Layer of Service to Meeting and Event Transportation

Event Transportation Systems (ETS) is pleased to offer event and meeting planners ETS-Shuttle-Tracker, a new transportation technology that provides real-time vehicle tracking and passenger capacity management tools.

For clients, the real-time ETS-Shuttle-Tracker means enhanced passenger service:
• On-site transportation management staff can know the exact locations of all buses. This is extremely helpful in optimizing the fleet when traffic and other delays occur.
• On-site staff can respond immediately to calls from attendees who may have questions about when the next bus will arrive at their location.

ETS-Shuttle-Tracker GPS Technology
The ETS-Shuttle-Tracker is a proprietary GPS (global positioning system) technology that adds another layer of vehicle monitoring tools to enable ETS to raise the level of service offered throughout the duration of any trade show, meeting or convention. Buses are equipped with devices that continuously send out GPS signals and data is refreshed every one to two seconds.

Using wireless GPS and tablet devices mounted in all vehicles, ETS-Shuttle-Tracker:
• Monitors vehicles at all times
• Creates route layers on maps that can be adjusted in real time
• Is customized by location and specific conference or event requirements

ETS Post-Show Reports
For post-show reporting, passenger load and capacity management tools feed information into post-show reports, providing valuable information for future-year transportation planning.

We’re Expecting Even More Benefits
ETS is excited to hint at an even more efficient technology coming in the near future that will put real-time transportation information in the hands of meeting attendees themselves.

Since the technology’s launch in 2014, ETS has successfully integrated the ETS-Shuttle-Tracker into transportation management services at several large client meetings. When you’re planning a meeting, convention or event, rely on Event Transportation Systems to provide the best in ground transportation services. Contact us to see how we can help.


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