ETS Offers Revenue-Generating Opportunities for Meetings and Conferences, Part 3/Bus Advertising

In Part 1 and Part 2 of our revenue-generating ideas series, we discussed how video can be used as a communication tool while also generating revenue for your organization. Here, in Part III of this series, we’ll look at banner advertising on convention shuttle buses, provided by Newsday Communications, the sponsorship division of ETS.

Shuttle Bus Advertising

Banner advertising on shuttle buses provides yet another opportunity for meeting sponsors to engage and influence their audience, and for associations to generate incremental revenue. Banner advertising is highly impactful, as it reaches almost all meeting attendees whether they ride buses, or simply walk past buses as they exit meeting venues where buses are parked. Exhibitors can use bus banner ads to announce new products and services, encourage attendees to visit their booth, or simply gain brand exposure.

Shuttle bus banner advertising can create significant revenue for associations. Newsday Communications provides a team that can sell these opportunities OR can offer net pricing to an association that wishes to engage their own sponsorship sales team to sell the opportunity. In either case, an association can generate significant revenue from bus banner advertising.

At ETS, we will always consider alternate ways to use our vehicles as an advertising channel for your event. Let us know what you have in mind and we will work with you to make it happen.

As with video production, Event Transportation Services can manage all the details of shuttle bus advertising for you, including:

• Advertising sales
• Insertion order management
• Printing
• Delivery
• Onsite installation and removal

Examples of Bus Advertising

For ideas on how to use shuttle bus banner advertising, see examples of our Newsday Communications bus banners.

Before your next meeting or conference, contact us to ask about bus banner advertising AND revenue-generating video production services we can offer you. The impact will be tremendous.

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