ETS Offers Revenue-Generating Opportunities for Meetings and Conferences, Part 2 of 3/Video Marketing

Welcome to Part 2 in our series showing how Newsday Communications, a division of Event Transportation Systems can provide revenue-generating opportunities for your meeting or conference. This post explores the option of producing short video clips that can be sponsored and used in social media and other marketing and communication channels.

Video Shorts for Digital Communications
The same video content mentioned in Part I of this blog series can be transformed into short video clips that can be used to support many marketing opportunities. With shorter viewer attention spans, videos ranging from 15 seconds to 2 minutes are most effective as communication tools.

These short video segments can be integrated into:
• Video platforms such as YouTube
• Email marketing campaigns (Bonus: emails containing video have higher engagement rates)
• In press releases
• On websites
• In social media channels

Examples of Videos
For examples of how video can be integrated in marketing channels, take a look at a video we produced for our client, Obesity Week. This video used in their email marketing campaigns generated more than 1,500 views!

This segment of Obesity Week “Leadership Views” series showcasing Obesity Week’s leadership was included in an email sent to attendees just prior to the conference to generate excitement, and was produced in a format for repeated future use.

Consider Using Video to Persuade and Communicate
Video is the ideal medium for persuading and communicating key messages, and is especially impactful and cost-effective for conference marketing and communication to a targeted audience. Consider using video in conjunction with your next meeting or conference. Don’t be afraid to experiment…you can start small to see what works and what doesn’t work, and eventually you will discover how video can help you meet your communication and revenue goals.

Contact us to learn more about using video content as both a communication and revenue-generating tool.

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