ETS Offers Revenue-Generating Opportunities for Meetings and Conferences, Part 1 of 3/Video

Delivering your message is the most important element of any meeting or conference. But we at Event Transportation Systems have taken it a step further—by offering video communication tools that can be positioned as revenue-generating opportunities.

Our sponsorship programs division, Newsday Communications, provides customized video production sponsorship services that we’ll present in a 3-part series. In this blog, we’ll talk about convention-focused video production services:

1. Sponsored Convention Television Programs

A convention television production is an impactful communication tool that can also generate revenue. Programs can be created for little or no cost to your association. We simply sell advertising opportunities within programs to fund production costs, and then revenue is shared with you on a sliding scale.

Your custom video can:
• Provide highlights of your meeting and incorporate key associated messaging
• Play on shuttle buses for captive attendees, in hotel rooms, and in the convention center
• Build brand awareness
• Promote special events at the meeting or conference
• Announce new products or services
• Incorporate advertising

And to make it even easier to create your unique video, at ETS, we manage all the details for you, including:
• Scripting and production
• Advertising sales
• Coordination with buses and hotels
• On-site management

For an example of how video can enhance your event, check out this one we created for the American Diabetes Association for their Annual Scientific Sessions [Example: Client: ADA Annual Scientific Sessions – Please click here to view video.

2. Conference Recordings and Live Webcasts

Another way to use our video production services is to record your conference—its speakers, the show floor, meetings, and breakout sessions. This is suggested not only for archival purposes, but selected sessions can be broadcasted online to your audience. You can also break the video content into smaller segments to use on your website, blog and in social media channels; or to integrate in future marketing campaigns to generate attendance and recruit new members. This is another video communication product that can be offered as a sponsorship opportunity.

If you haven’t thought about producing video programs for your conference, give it some serious consideration. The opportunities and rewards can be great. Contact us to learn more.


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