Building Brand Awareness and Generating Revenue with Convention Shuttle Bus Graphics

Shuttle bus graphics rival every other type of visual advertising at meetings and conventions where exhibitors try to grab the attention of attendees.

They are great for exhibitors who want to raise brand awareness, announce a new product or service, and drive potential customers to their exhibits booth. AND, they are great for meeting planners who are looking for ways to generate additional revenue and subsidize the cost of transportation management services.

Shuttle graphics make a great impact and reach almost all attendees because buses continuously make loops between hotels and meeting & event venues.

Newsday Communications, a division of Event Transportation Systems (ETS) specializes in providing graphics for large meetings and conventions, and handling all the details including working with advertisers, production, installation and removal. We also have an outstanding sales team that we employ when clients prefer to outsource their sales.

There are numerous details involved with successfully executing the installation of graphics, from understanding appropriate materials for short term application, to ensuring that artwork is tweaked so that key information of an ad does not intersect with things like luggage door handles, and reflectors. We can always accommodate late requests and understand the legal approval process for medical industry advertisers.

Newsday’s goal is to provide outstanding service and best quality shuttle bus graphic installations.

CONTACT ETS for more information about  transportation management services and/or shuttle graphics for your next meeting or convention.


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