The American Academy of Dermatology has been working with Event Transportation Systems (ETS) and Newsday Communications for over 20 years (long before I arrived). ETS and Newsday are an integral part of our Annual Meeting and I consider them to be one of our strategic partners. Each and every year I have confidence that they will execute our transportation management and sponsorship support services effectively and on budget in each city. Newsday Communications has significantly grown our revenue through shuttle graphics and shuttle video advertising year over year, which usually results in offsetting a large portion of our transportation costs. The shuttle tracking app has been an excellent addition to the services they provide and gives our attendees real time information about when the next shuttle bus will pick them up at their hotels. I really value the relationship we have with ETS, their wonderful customer service, and all the value-added services they bring to the table…

Amanda Sage

Senior Manager, Meetings & Conventions, American Academy of Dermatology

“ETS has been the provider of transportation services for our Global Conference and various smaller meetings for over a decade. As our valued partner, we consider their team an extension of ours. We rely heavily on ETS for their vast knowledge of the destination cities where our conference is held. Their competitive and transparent pricing, flexibility to adjust routes and/or add equipment due to unforeseen and sometimes complex circumstances, are just a few of the many reasons we continue our partnership year after year. In addition, their newly updated GPS platform allows our attendees to maximize their time on our show floor or in sessions as they can real-time track their next shuttle rather than waiting on unnecessary lines. Their post-show report provides us with an abundance of data to make valuable decisions and adjustments for future years. I can’t imagine a show without our ETS team by our side.”

Beth Faubel, CED

Director, Meeting Services, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc. (HIMSS)

“Over the past 18 years, the American Urological Association (AUA) has worked with three transportation management companies, and after partnering with Event Transportation Systems (ETS) starting in 2012, I believe that ETS is the best of the three in terms of customer service, on-site execution and pricing.

In terms of Customer Service – ETS knows what they are doing and I get the information I need when I need it.  In addition, they are very good on site with our urologists.

In terms of Execution – buses run on schedule and ETS works very well with the hotel community and the city to find out if streets are closed or if there are any potential route changes ahead of time. In addition, I always survey our attendees which includes questions about transportation.  We get very few complaints if any at all.  I also really like the app they have and our attendees use it to track buses. 

In terms of Budget – I like how Eric Hotard works with me in controlling expenses and coming up with ideas to save some money.  We work ahead of time before contracting hotels and work on routes and schedules once hotels are booked.

In terms of Trust – I can tell you that Eric is someone I trust wholeheartedly.  I feel as if he has my best interests in mind.  And, when AUA had to go completely virtual in 2020, ETS was incredibly fair and responsive when we canceled their contract.”

Janet Skorepa

Chief Education Officer Executive Vice President-Education and Meetings, American Urological Association

“We’ve been pleased with the overall cost reduction since beginning our relationship with Event Transportation Systems (ETS). The operational strategies provided by ETS have allowed us to budget more appropriately and allocate dollars to other areas of need.  ETS’ Ridership reports have given us the window to clearly see our transportation needs. Show days are busy days and it’s often difficult to fully understand visitor travel patters as you are in the thick of it. The reports have given us the tools needed to appropriately schedule both staff and shuttles. Our ETS account manager Selwa Alawi is fantastic! She’s one of the team when onsite and approaches all challenges timely and professionally. Her knowledge of the transportation industry is extremely valuable. She knows the importance of client satisfaction and does what is needed to overcome the ever-changing obstacles.”

Sharon S. Altland Myers

Executive Director, PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center

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