Green Initiatives

Helping Meeting Planners Reduce the Impact on the Environment

We know that meeting planners want to host amazing events while also reducing the impact on the environment. This is why we have done our research and created a tool to demonstrate that shuttle transportation is the most efficient way to transport large groups of people, and the most practical way to reduce the per person carbon footprint. You can download our study here that explains how:
  • Shuttles result in less CO2 emissions per passenger-mile than Ride-Sharing
  • For point-to-point conference transportation, Shuttles are the most environmentally friendly
  • Ride-Sharing causes unnecessary traffic around convention centers
In addition we created a carbon footprint calculator that will help you:
  • Calculate shuttle bus emissions based on your meeting attendance, number of days, and trip frequency
  • Learn how shuttle bus emissions compare to ride sharing emissions

How our Company Reduces Waste While Onsite at Meetings

We as a company are also dedicated to keeping our impact on the environment as low as possible, especially when we are onsite at client meetings.

We contract with equipment vendors that use modern, fuel efficient buses, and have strict maintenance schedules to reduce emissions.

We limit paper use to our staff information binders, and use digital forms of communication for just about everything else.

With the development of our web-based Next-Shuttle App, we are able to eliminate printed transportation schedules, and can reduce the number of shuttle schedule signs that are displayed at hotels.

Our route design, in conjunction with our Next-Shuttle App, allow us to use fewer buses by running the buses more efficiently, with less idle time.

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