A Healthy Application of Modern GPS Technology Along with Human Touches Enhance Event Transportation Planning

GPS shuttle tracking and other modern technology can streamline processes and help avoid issues faced during event-related transportation planning and execution; making the entire transportation effort more efficient.

Although technology can be a highly-useful tool, what really matters is the combination of the right technology along with the personal touches from a team of professional transportation planners and managers. This is the magic formula that makes an event memorable and successful.

Here are some of the ways Event Transportation System’s (ETS) clients benefit:

ETS Technology Keeps Everyone Up to Date
Event Transportation Systems utilizes the ETS-Next-Shuttle transportation app that provides attendees with:
• Map-based views of vehicle locations, shuttle stops and shuttle routes
• Real-time information on pick-up times at their hotels or meeting venue
• Instant alerts concerning schedule changes

And, behind the scenes, the same system that powers the attendee app also provides real-time planning tools for the transportation operations team. Using GPS devices mounted in vehicles for drivers and an admin interface for shuttle system managers, the operations team uses the ETS ETS-Shuttle-Tracker to:

• Monitor vehicle locations at all times
• Communicate instantly with drivers
• Get real time info on passenger load and bus capacity
• Get real-time info on passenger load and bus capacity
• Create route layers on maps that can be adjusted in real time

ETS’s Experienced Teams Tie it All Together
Event Transportation Systems’ seasoned sales and operations staff partner with clients to design and deliver transportation solutions that include leading-edge technology tools to manage the transportation needs of more than 30 events annually. We are also a trusted partner of many organizations who contract with ETS on multi-year contracts.

For shuttle services, airport transfers, VIP sedan services, and special tour and offside event transportation, rely on ETS. Contact us today to see how we can help enhance your next event, convention, meeting or conference.


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