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Take the Stress Out of Event Transportation

One of our biggest goals here at ETS is to take the stress out of transportation. We work closely with meeting planners and event managers to provide exceptional service to attendees. We also understand that meeting planning is a big task, and that sometimes it is difficult to devote resources to properly vet every single vendor.

Save Valuable Time With This Template

As part of our commitment to take the stress out of transportation, we’ve developed a standard Request for Proposal (RFP) template that planners like you can use as a starting point. This RFP template for event transportation was developed from the many requests we’ve received and responded to over the years. It covers all the major points you need to cover during the RFP process.

The RFP Template Includes:

  • A sample schedule template
  • How event transportation vendors will manage fleet and staffing needs
  • Assessing vendor experience and breadth of services
  • Important information about rates and fees

Download the Event Transportation RFP Template Today

Fill out the form then check your email to access this free resource. We hope that it will do two things for you. First, get you one step closer to your transportation needs. Second, save you and your staff valuable time creating an RFP and determining what to ask your potential transportation vendors.